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Though many thickeners have there own properties and having vast advantages over others.

Here come the calcium sulfonate based greases which are the fastest-growing thickeners among all due to its diverse applications such as steel manufacturing, nuclear power plant and food industry.

For steel mill applications, calcium sulfonate greases are superior because they have good high-temperature stability, good water resistance, and inherent EP and anti-wear properties. Lithium complex greases fortified with polymer have also been used in steel mill applications, but they can be problematic. These types of greases need anti-wear and EP additives to increase their load-carrying capacity, many of which are not stable in the presence of significant amounts of water. Other key properties reflected by standard specifications are: high dropping point, shear stability, water washout and spray off corrosion prevention.

Calcium Sulfonate greases are designed to operate under heavy loads and at high temperatures. One of the most widely recognized uses of calcium sulfonate technology today is in off-highway equipment. Off-highway, heavy-duty industrial machinery suffers under the most demanding conditions for lubrication. 

Heavy-duty equipment manufacturers typically specify grease with a very high load carrying capacity and excellent water resistance                                                                 

Molygraph has various ranges of calcium sulfonate greases which withstands all the properties for Steel mill, Off-Highway Applications.

Molygraph Calcium Sulfonate Greases :
  • Ultratack Mill Grease 460
  • SGHM 650
  • SGH 1000 M 50
  • SGH 100 S
  • SGH 200 S