Calcium Sulfonate Greases – a preferred choice across industries

calcium sulfonate greases

There are multiple options for greases with different additives and thickeners for your machines in the market. Choosing the right one can mark the difference between a machine that needs constant repairs and one that runs for years without a maintenance problem. The key lies in choosing the right grease.

The two most commonly found types of grease are Lithium based and Calcium Sulfonate based. After years of research, scientists discovered that Calcium sulfonate based greases exhibit high dropping points, excellent water resistance and mechanical stability. They also have superior resistance to corrosion and the ability to perform remarkably under high-pressure conditions compared to its Lithium or conventional counterparts. Moreover, their diverse application range in steel manufacturing, nuclear power plants and the food industry is a bonus.


  1. Because of the high dropping point of above 300° C and extreme temperature properties
  2. Calcium Sulfonate greases inherently possess excellent water resistance
  3. They inherently possess extremely high load capacity which can be increased further with additives

Steel mills are one of the largest global consumers of grease. Lithium complex greases fortified with polymers are also an option for this industry, but they are not efficient enough and need anti-wear and EP additives to increase their load-carrying capacity, many of which make them unstable in the presence of significant amounts of water. Calcium Sulfonate greases are made for heavy loads and high temperatures and are superior for steel mills, paper mills and mining applications.

This varied range of benefits offered by Calcium Sulfonate greases makes them an excellent choice across multiple industries.

One of the most widely recognized uses of the calcium sulfonate technology today is in off-highway equipment. Off-highway, heavy-duty industrial machinery suffers under the most demanding conditions for lubrication. Heavy-duty equipment manufacturers require specific grease with extreme load-carrying capacity and excellent water resistance and so do Paper Mills bearings and spindles.

Molygraph has an excellent range of calcium sulfonate greases that can withstand all the properties and conditions present in all these industries.

Check out our range of Calcium Sulfonate Greases :
  • Ultratack Mill Grease 460
  • SGHM 650
  • SG 1000 M 50
  • SGH 100 S
  • SGH 200 S
  • SGH 500 HD

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