High Quality Grease Applications for Animal Feed Equipment

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Demand for animal feed consumption has increased. The feed market is projected to rise with a growth rate of 3.4% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. [1] The use of animal feed machinery is, therefore, expected to operate on a huge scale to meet growing food consumer demands.

Machinery, including heavy-duty equipment, will experience prolonged operational activities with high maintenance costs. So, it is necessary to conduct a regular visual inspection. This includes animal feed machinery.

Making sure that the equipment functions smoothly requires timely attention and servicing. Some of the equipment suffers damage faster than others due to broken pieces, or signs of abnormal wear. While several factors contribute to the compromise of operational functions, one of the most crucial reasons is lack of lubrication.

Machinery that is properly greased goes a long way. The machine is reliable for longer durations in terms of functionality and ready to work when needed.

Is simple greasing enough?

Many joints, linkages and other moving parts are designed to move on a layer of oil to avoid friction and overheating. Lack of timely greasing can lead to extensive damage to the equipment due to metal-on-metal contact. However, oiling or greasing of any kind may not necessarily enable the smooth functioning of the machine.

We have, therefore, formulated heavy-duty greases with a special thickener. Our premium additives allow unsurpassed performance in the lubrication of this equipment.

Our core focus is to solve critical lubrication challenges experienced in pelletizing presses and crushers. Molygraph products can help animal feed manufacturers avoid risking their processes. We have two main products including other types of oils to facilitate the proper functioning of this equipment.

Grease Applications

Grease applications developed by Molygraph have been specially designed to enhance operational functioning.

We have developed two types of EP Greases. 

  1. EP Greases for Hammer Mill
  • High performance with extreme pressure range.
  • Withstands elevated temperatures and heavy loads.
  • Grease is water-resistant.
  • Reduces grease consumption through optimum re-greasing frequency
  • Allows for operating at lower temperatures on bearings as compared to conventional lubricants.
  • Long component life with zero downtime.
  • Withstands shocks and mechanical loads.
  1. EP Greases for Pellet Mill
  • Specially designed for excellent performance in Pellet Mills.
  • Prevents bearing failure due to lack of lubrication.
  • Sustains operations even during high vibration.
  • Does not allow an increase in bearing temperatures due to shock loads. Temperature is reduced by 3-8°C as compared to conventional lubricants.
  • Grease consumption is reduced as a result of optimum re-greasing at regular intervals.
  • Ensures film thickness between the contact surfaces through efficient boundary lubrication.
  • Grease application results in zero downtime.

Molygraph offers additional products for animal feed machinery.

  1. Gear oils: Formulated for lubrication of small and large gearboxes.
  2. Multifunctional greases: For Bearings, sliding mechanisms, electric motor bearings, and hot blowers.
  3. Antiseize: For preventing threaded parts from galling, distorting, and breaking; guarding against rust and fretting corrosion.
  4. Maintenance aerosols: For overall maintenance to reduce downtime.
  5. Cleaners & Degreasers: For overall maintenance to conduct component cleaning and degreasing.

High-quality greaseis necessary for smooth operations, which is why Molygraph believes in developing premium products. Read for more details.

Our field services engineering team would be happy to advise you on appropriate lubricant selection and monitoring. Contact us to know more.

[1] https://www.databridgemarketresearch.com/reports/global-animal-feed-market

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