Hot & Cold Metal Forging: Now Extra Efficient

hot metal forging

Molygraph’s Graphol range of Forging Lubricants is a complete solution whether your application is Hot, Warm, or Cold forging. They are designed to operate under extreme temperatures and pressure providing a superior coating on the billet and die, minimizes metal to metal contact, and enhances productivity and die life. Molygraph’s, Graphol, AF, And AS series are available in various variants and take care of all your forging needs.

Hot Forging Lubricants

A series of lubricant products, namely the Graphol and AF series has been developed over years of partnered projects and R&D. Its optimised particle size and affordable cost to benefit ratio has successfully satisfied our clientele needs.

The lubricant contains special binders and polymers, providing excellent film formation and metal flow. Any stickiness, pitting and under-filling are eliminated as a result of this product.

The Graphol series of lubricants contain water, graphite/oil, graphite/water, and polymer-based formulations.

The lubricant designed products for hot forging has several benefits including:

  • Best Performance to Cost Ratio
  • Lowered Per Component Costs
  • Increased Die Life
  • Higher Dilution Ratios
  • Superior Surface Finish
  • Optimized Particle Size Distribution
  • Smooth Release
  • Optimized Dispersion
GRAPHOL GFL 6000 PLUS and ULTRA 300 Used for crankshafts, bevel gears, claws and numerous other automotive, forging, engineering, and heavy duty components.
GRAPHOL GFL ULTRA 100 Ensures smooth metal flow and is used for precision forging and components with a varied degree of geometry.
GRAPHOL 2000 Used for bombshells, axels and components where smooth release is a priority.
GRAPHOL 3000 PREMIUM Used for extremely difficult and heavy jobs where precision and smooth release are required.
AF 2000 Used for shallow cavities and in processes where Graphite is not preferred.
AF 4000 Used as an upgrade to AF 2000. Useful for critical and difficult components that require increased metal flow.

Cold Forging Lubricants

As cold forging lubrication is done at temperatures slightly higher than room temperature, it has its own set of challenges. Therefore, the AS range of lubricants is specifically designed for cold forging.

The lubricant products can withstand a wide range of temperatures. The AS range of lubricants in this series for cold forging contain MoS2 powder as part of its formulation.

Other benefits in the application of lubricant products for cold forging include:

  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Excellent Anti Seizing Properties
  • Superior Performance
  • Best Performance to Cost Ratio
  • Optimized Particle Size Distribution
  • Smooth Release
  • Superb Surface Finish
AS 1000& AS 2000 Optimized and used for tumbling processes. The formulation has a superb particle size distribution curve.
GRAPHOL GFL 1600 Provides excellent lubrication and surface finish. Used for dipping processes.

Each product, be it for hot or cold forging is formulated for specific purposes with distinct benefits. The series of forging lubricants are customizable in several variantsbased on the forging needs of the company. For more details, our experts will be happy to get in touch with you.

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