Oil and Gas Speciality Lubricants to meet the World’s Energy Demands

Oil & Gas

Several industries are re-inventing ways to use energy for different but specific purposes. For that matter, the demand for oil and gas as a source of energy is increasing daily. This has resulted in excessive use of drilling machines in extraction processes.

The drilling equipment, be it onshore or offshore, is exposed to extremely harsh and humid conditions. For the powerful and smooth functioning of exploration equipment, the lubricant products have to perform equally well. Its formulation must contain properties that can support equipment functioning under high pressure, wide temperature ranges, long operating hours, and should be H2S and hydrocarbon resistant.

In light of this, Molygraph has developed a series of speciality lubricants, for the following processes:

  • Threaded connections (Casing, Tubing, Rotary Connections, Drill Stem) – Thread Compounds
  • Valve lubrication and sealing – Valve Lubricants
  • Bearings – Multifunctional Greases
  • Wire ropes – Chain and Wire rope greases
  • Enclosed Gearboxes – Gear oils

Thread compounds

The thread compounds developed are made up of production and drilling compounds. These products come with a combination of solid lubricants having excellent anti-seize and load-bearing features. They help lubricate the threaded connections, nuts, and bolts under high pressure and temperature. This helps prevent the parts from galling, distorting, breaking, rusting, and fretting corrosion.

Valve lubricant

Our VLG series of valve lubricants have been made from special thickener systems, solid lubricants, and synthetic base oils. Their main purpose is maintaining valve integrity. They contain preventive additives for extreme pressure, wear, and corrosion from H2S. This series helps control the flow, prevents leakage, and protects itself from degradation over time. As valves and fittings operate under extreme conditions, lubrication is required to support their performance.

Chain and wire rope grease

Wire ropes are also required to perform various activities over the rig. Therefore, its upkeep for a long service life with low maintenance is crucial. That is why Molygraph has developed wire rope lubricants that penetrate the core of strands that help reduce friction between strands and rope bends. The grease is highly resistant to water and emulsification. Therefore, this prevents strand surfaces from rusting and corroding in the presence of harsh environments.

Gear oils

Molygraph understands the unique gear oil requirements for different chemistries and viscosities. Therefore, we have developed special formulations to lubricate gearboxes. This helps the gearboxes to perform under conditions such as extreme heat, and heavy loads. It also protects from environments contaminated with dirt, debris, and water.

Multifunctional greases

There are many other conditions faced by industrial applications. They include bearings and sliding surfaces exposed to wide temperature ranges, high loads, water ingress, high humidity, etc. Our range of multifunctional greases is developed to tolerate these extreme conditions.

Cleaners and degreasers

We have developed eco-friendly cleaners and degreasers meant for 100% clean-up. Our range of solvent and water-based cleaners and degreasers meet a variety of applications. Parts such as electromechanical assemblies, dies, moulds, bearings, and various other components are effectively cleaned and degreased.

At Molygraph, we strive to meet our customer’s demands and become the solution-providers to their problems. Our engineering experts would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us to know more about our range of drilling lubricants.


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