Polyurea greases for electric fan motor bearings

Polyurea greases for electric fan

Lithium and Lithium complex grease is the most widely available and known chemistry in the industrial grease market today. They are used for a wide variety of applications and perform admirably in a majority of those. But certain applications require a more specialized chemistry and this is where the Polyurea grease technology comes in.Polyurea greases for electric fan

Lubrication of electric fan motor bearings is a particularly challenging task. High operating temperatures prevent the lithium/lithium complex greases to sustain their structure to provide optimal protection to the bearings. This can lead to high maintenance costs and expensive bearing replacements.

Polyurea greases are designed to operate at high temperatures. Moreover the thickener chemistry is clean burning and does not leave residues like lithium thickened greases. Molygraph’s PUG series of special Polyurea greases is superior to conventional Polyurea greases. High mechanical stability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes the PUG series indispensable to the lubrication of electric motor bearings.

Upto 40% decrease in Power Consumption

Due to their excellent oxidation stability Molygraph PUG Polyurea greases provide long life and reduce relubrication intervals.

Grease consumption reduction upto 2.5x

Other benefits of using Molygraph PUG series include

  • Reduced bearing torque
  • Low noise properties in sealed for life bearings
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and protection
  • Bearings operating at extreme high temperatures where low oil separation is required

Molygraph PUG Series:

  • Ultramill Grease PU Premium
  • PUG 1000 H
  • PUG 9000 H
  • PUG 9500 HS

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