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India being a large consumer base for sugar makes it all the more crucial to enhance production value. While sugar mills function under heavy operational pressures, sustained lubrication becomes an unavoidable issue. As a result, the production stages are hit with high maintenance costs and irreversibly extended delays. SMG Premium is, therefore, a specially engineered lubricant that counters the sugar mill grease challenges.

SMG Premium ups the game

Spanning over 32 years of extensive research and development, Molygraph has engineered a range of world-class specialty lubricants. Among these is the SMG Premium product range for the sugar industry including utilities for sugarcane loading and unloading, sugar mill, distillery plant, cogen plant, and other general utilities.

Here’s stating the challenges that SMG Premium is designed to overcome:

  1. High Pressure and Low Quality Lubrication – Sugar mills often slow down the processing time due to high operational pressure on the rolls of sugarcane juice extractors.SMG Premium is relatively high in oil viscosity and it contains EP (Extreme Pressure) and AW (Antiwear) additives. The lubricating oil thus enables for endurance of high pressure while also forming a lubricating film throughout the bearing material. This high base oil viscosity also helps reduce frictional and power losses.
  2. Cracks and Burn Marks on Bearings – There are often shock load surges caused during mill operations leading to burn marks and further damage. This is prevented by the high content of solid lubricant in SMG Premium. This eliminates the need for boundary lubrication and provides emergency lubrication to combat resulting burn marks.
  3. Washout and Corrosion due to Acid Base– To overcome washout and corrosion issues, SMG Premium is designed with an appropriate advanced thickener, water and acid resistant additive. This provides resistance to the acidic base formed during sugarcane processing.
  4. Choking of Grease Pumping Systems – The special complex soap in SMG Premium provides for enhanced pumping ability in grease pumping systems. This prevents choking of lines, filters and fitments, creating a means for uninterrupted flow of lubricant to the required grease-wetting areas. Air locks are also not caused and therefore, forced pumping is no longer needed.

A team of Engineers at your service

Molygraph’s engineering team of experts is committed to ensure that sugar mill operations run smoothly. They work in close coordination with each customer to troubleshoot functional issues, if any, during mill bearing lubrication and other processes. We believe in providing higher productive value and thus, save on additional maintenance costs.

As India’s leading engineered lubricants company, Molygraph has specialized in manufacturing high quality products for various industries. And therefore, with our experience to develop the right solutions, we focus on building a long lasting relationship with each customer.

Download our brochure to know more about SMG Premium and its applications, or get in touch with our experts.

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