Super Lubricating abilities for the Steel Industry

super lubricating abilities for the steel industry

Lubrication is a crucial element required for any moving machine and its parts. Without lubricants, the life-expectancy and efficient functioning of any rotating equipment is greatly reduced. Productivity is delayed due to premature bearing failures, increased use of energy, and machine downtime. This leads to further losses of production which calls for new and improved lubrication solutions.

When lubricants are used in machines, their main functions are to:

  • Transport contaminated particles to filters and maintain cleanliness
  • Create a film between metal surfaces to reduce friction
  • Protect metal parts from corrosion
  • Cool surfaces by dissipating heat

The steel manufacturing industry involves processes that are exposed to high temperatures, extreme loads, and corrosive and humid environments. These factors influence the way lubricants work on machines, creating more demand for super lubricating abilities.

Molygraph’s speciality lubricants have, therefore, been developed to offerseveral benefits to clients.Our diverse and complete range of lubricant solutions helps in managing critical steel manufacturing processes. The cost of maintenance is reduced as productivity is improved through quality lubrication. Our products are environment-friendly, making them a safe and protective fit for operators.

Molygraph’s customised range of speciality lubricants

We have developed three versatile lubrication applications for the steel industry, namely:

  1. Integrated Steel Plant
  2. Steel Pelletizing Plant
  3. Sponge Iron Plant

1. Integrated Steel Plant

Our lubrication products cover a wide range of areas at integrated steel plants. We aim to help reduce costs by enhancing productivityregardless of any extreme environmental conditions. From iron-making to finished products, lubrication solutions are, thus, developed to meet all requirements at integrated steel plants.

The application components shown below are based on the areas our products can be used.

  • Raw Material Preparations: Storage
  • Raw Material Processing: Coke Oven Plant, Lime Plant, Sinter Plant
  • Pig Iron Production: Blast Furnace
  • Caster: Continuous Caster
  • Hot Rolling Mill: Work/Back-Up Roll Bearings, Chokes Window Liner, Rolling Mill Drive Shaft Gear Couplings, and Re-Heating Furnace Table Roll Bearing
  • Cold Rolling Mill: Work/Back-Up Roll Bearings, Roll Chokes Liner, Rolling Mill Drive Shaft, Gear Couplings, Pickling Line, Squeezer Roll Bearing, Water Rinse Tank Bearing, Wringer Roll Bearing, Arb Blower Fan Bearing
  • Bar and Rod Mill: Reheating Furnace Withdrawal/Roll Table Bearing, Work/Back-Up Roll Bearing, Roll Chokes Liner, and Rolling Mill Drive Shaft Gear Couplings

2. Steel Pelletizing Plant

The process of pelletizing iron involves converting iron ore fines into uniformly sized iron pellets. These pellets are then charged directly into the blast furnace. Our lubricating range of products is designed to meet the challenging and demanding processes involved in the steel pelletizing plant.

The application components involved in the following processes are:

  • Grinding Mill: Ball Mill Girth Gear, Ball Mill Girth Gear Pinion Bearing
  • Mixture Machine: Mixture Machine Bearing, Mixture Machine Gear
  • Balling Disc: Balling Disc Girth Gear, Balling Disc Bearing
  • Travelling Guide: TG Plumber Block Bearing
  • Kiln: Kiln Girth Gear – Spray System, Support Roller Bearing/Kiln, Thrust Bearing/Bucket, Elevator Bearing, Sliding Surface of Track

3. Sponge Iron Plant

Sponge iron is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore and it can be further processed into wrought iron.It is useful as feedstock for speciality steel manufacturers. The lubricants in this process are required to be thermally and mechanically stable. It should also be able to resist water washouts.

Our range of lubricants covers the entire spectrum of applications including Kiln & CoolerSlip Seal, Kiln & CoolerGirth Gear, Support RollerBearing, Vibrator ScreenBearing, Id/Fd Fan Bearing, and so much more. You can know more about the sponge iron plant on our website.

Are you prepared to take your steel manufacturing processes to the next level? We have a field engineering services team ready to support, guide you and provide end-to-end lubrication education. Get the best deals in lubrication for steel with Molygraph.

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