Wire Rope Lubricants: Introducing Quality Enhancements

wire rope lubricants introducing

Metal wire ropes undergo periodic wear rates over time. Industries that use wire ropes are well aware of its influencing factors. The extent of metal wearing off depends on the environment in which the rope is used, and the method of operation. Improper handling, storing, and high-stress loading are seemingly other factors that lead to corrosion.

Molygraph has therefore upgraded two of its lubricant products CRG 100/M and CRG 100/M Fluid. The upgrade speaks of its enhanced properties that help extend the lifecycle quality of wire ropes and their use.

Let’s browse in detail on the two upgraded products.

CRG 100/M

This lubricant is a coating compound used in transmission, anchors, rollers, and sling chains.

It has low penetrating properties but has good adhesive coating characteristics, fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors. Hence, this property aids in the added protection of wire ropes and cables exposed to salty seawater.

Other applications include their use for crane cables, elevator chains, chain drive sprockets, mobile or forklifts, multiple strand ropes, Warrington ropes, wire ropes for ropeways, and overhead cranes.

Additional premium upgrades and features of CRG 100/M 

Eco-friendly Contains no harmful ingredients or corrosion-causing chemicals.
Temperature-resistant Withstands temperature changes and rubbing-off action.
Fluid consistency For easy brush ability, dipping, and application.
Adherence Adheres well to strands and reduces friction between strands, especially when the rope bends over sheaves or drums.
Penetrative Penetrates efficiently and lubricates effectively at the same time, forming a protective coating.
Rust/Corrosion-resistant Contains dewatering properties and resists water-washout; thus, offering protection against rust and corrosion.
Friction-reduced Is fortified with Graphite, MoS2, and other chosen additives that reduce internal friction and wear rate.
Noiseless Enablesoperational functioning without any extreme noise of the chains in use.
Extreme endurance Provides excellent protection from environments such as the sun, heat, saltwater, humid weather, and aggressive chemicals.


CRG 100/M Fluid

This is a penetrating fluid that aids in applications including rope cables in anchors, roller and sling chains, fixed or mobile cranes, and dragline hoists.

This product contains a high percentage of solvent in its formulation, enabling deep penetration of grease into the strands. The fluid lubricates the strands, and central hemp or the core wire, thereby, extending its lifecycle by preventing frequent premature failures of costly wire ropes.

Grease applications are used at seaports and terminals, airports, heavy engineering workshops, warehouses, and mines.

Additional premium upgrades and features of CRG 100/M Fluid 

Temperature-resistant Adheres well to strands to withstand temperature changes and rubbing-off action.
Eco-friendly Unlike cheap tar-based lubricants, this fluid does not contain corrosive or harmful ingredients.
Rust/Corrosion-resistant Excellent dewatering properties; resisting grease water-washout to protect against rust and corrosion.
Friction-reduced Ingredients such as MoS2 and Graphite are used as solid lubricants to help reduce friction and metal wear.
No-drip grease Avoids messy floors or surroundings as the grease does not drip even at elevated temperatures.
Salt water-friendly Enhanced corrosion resistant properties against salty seawater.
Fluid consistency Easy brush ability, dipping, and spraying application.


With these enhanced properties, industrial applications can certainly function well within hassle-free operations. Molygraph proves to be the prime choice for performance with the continued enhancement of lubricant products for several industries.

While our experts are available to discuss more details, you may browse through a range of products on our website. We have innovative and technically engineered products used in various industries such as oil & gas to automotive, mining, steel, metal forging, and more.

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