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A Copper miner improves productivity by drastically reducing
maintenance and operational downtime.


An underground copper mine in India uses Hitachi AH400D trucks in rigorous service to haul ore from the mine to the mill. These vehicles utilize a transfer case gearbox to transfer power from the transmission to the rear and middle differentials. Drop-box bearing and gear failure were often encountered by 2,500 hours, resulting in frequent component rebuilds. The typical cost associated for replacement or rebuilt drop boxes is between US $15,000 to US $30,000 per unit. The drop-box maintenance costs were a significant issue at the mine.


After evaluating the application and operating environment, the Molygraph field engineering service recommended Molygraph Ultragear high viscosity gear oil, designed to maintain viscosity and oil film thickness in extreme operating conditions.


Since the implementation of Molygraph Ultragearsyn 680 oil, there has been a significant improvement in the reliability of the fleet of six haul trucks, with an average annual savings of US $100,000 across the fleet. The initial trial truck tripled its drop-box overhaul interval to 7,780 hours. The benefits resulted from extended oil drain intervals and reduced drop-box maintenance. The mine decided to use Molygraph Ultragearsyn 680 and bearing oil as initial fill on all Hitachi dump truck drop boxes.

Savings of
100,000 USD

3x refilling