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Graphol 6000 Premium (M) reduces lubricant consumption by 20%
and increases die life by 10% in precision forging components.


A major automotive manufacturer was forging precision gears in a fully automated press. The state of the art forging system required a high performance water based graphite lubricant. The current product was working well but they were looking for increased performance and localization. All the competitor products had high failure rates. Finally they approached Molygraph for a solution.


After studying the application thoroughly Molygraph suggested Graphol 6000 Premium (M) as the right solution. This water based product has been specifically formulated for precision forging components. The mean particle size of this product is less than 1 Micron which gives unsurpassed performance in any precision forging application. The optimised particle size distribution also provides excellent lubricity and allows for higher dilution ratios without impacting performance.


The trial was started and in total 200,000 components were forged. The dilution ratio used by the old lubricant was 1:20. The dilution ratio of Graphol 6000 Premium (M) was 1:25. Immediate savings in lubricant consumption were observed. The average die life of the old lubricant was 4900 forged components per die change. Graphol 6000 Premium (M) provided 5700 forged components per die change. A full 10% increase in die life. Surface finish was excellent without any defects such as pitting, under-filling etc.


1. Kurimoto Forging Press C2F16. A 1600 ton fully automated forging press with robotic spray system

2. Current product used is Henkel Deltaforge F-31

3. ITTAI Gear Part No - 2001/2/7/11/1 3/14/19/20/22/23/28/33

4. Trial Ratio of Graphol 6000 Premium (M) was 1:25. Current ratio was 1:20

20% decrease
in consumption

customer achieves
complete product