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Graphol 6000 Premium (M) replaces oil based graphited
lubricant. Provides eco-friendly and smoke free environment.


A forging manufacturer in Pune was using oil in graphite lubricant for certain critical forged parts. This generated a lot of smoke and there were issues of the workpiece sticking to the die. They had tried several water based solutions over the years but none of the products worked satisfactorily. The customer approached Molygraph for a water based solution to help them achieve their environmental and productivity goals.


After studying the application thoroughly Molygraph suggested Graphol 6000 Premium (M) as the right solution. This is a benchmark product which is used for the most critical and severe forging applications. Graphol 6000 Premium (M) contains a mean particle size of less than micron which provides superb lubricity, die wetting, and excellent adhesion to the die surface. This would not only provide better lubricity than oil but also better die cooling and thus excellent die life.


The trial was started and in total 310 components were forged. The performance was excellent with no surface defects. The sticking issue was solved and the number of rejections had gone down. The main objective of the customer, to replace the oil based lubricant to a water soluble product had been met. The customer was very happy that his plant was finally smoke free and that there was no health hazard for the operators.


1. 1000 ton forging press with manual spray system

2. Current product used is Sunlube Oil based graphited product in the ratio 1:5

3. D/3308 Tulip

4. Dilution ratio of Graphol 6000 Premium (M) was 1:5

replacing oil
with water

smoke free