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Graphol GFL 7000 Plus provides excellent performance for a
precision forger. Customer achieves high levels of productivity.


A forging manufacturer in Pune was using a competitor product since many years. However the customer was facing issues of rising lubricant costs and wanted a more cost effective solution with better performance. After consulting with Molygraph we came to the conclusion that we could offer a better product with an optimised cost to performance ratio which would lower his per annum costing of lubricant substantially


Molygraph recommended Graphol 7000 Plus for their application. Looking at the component geometry and the severity of the metal flow Graphol 7000 Plus would provide the best price to performance ratio. This product has been specially formulated with a mean particle size of 4 micron. This optimised particle size distribution is perfect for less severe forging and can give excellent cost benefits to the customers.


In total about 1000 components were forged. Performance was excellent. There were no surface defects and material flow was good. Also the ratio used was 1:12 from the original 1:10 which provided cost savings in terms of lubricant consumption. With cost savings in terms of lubricants consumption as well as the neat product itself, the customer was satisfied that his performance and productivity goals had been met.


1. 1600 ton mechanical forging
press with manual spray system.

2. Current product used is GK
Aquanet 441, water based
product in ratio 1:10.

3. Magneto 52du0039.

4. Dilution ratio of Graphol 7000
Plus is 1:10.

cost savings of

Rs. 500000


higher dilution ratio