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Mining contractor saves USD 500,000 in 4 years by using a
premium Molygraph Synthetic Grease


A major mining company in India operates a fleet of 5,000 open gondola ore cars for the transportation of iron ore between mines and ports. The axle bearings used in the wagons are commonly subjected to operating temperatures as high as 194° Fahrenheit (90 C). At these elevated temperatures, premature bearing failures can develop from reduced lubricant viscosity and leaks within the bearing assembly, impacting the overall productivity of the transportation department. To help extend bearing life and improve productivity, the company approached Molygraph Lubricants to find a solution to their problems.


After performing an inspection of the bearing applications, Molygraph recommended transitioning to Molygraph SGH 400 5M, a high-performance synthetic grease. Formulated with a proprietary additive system and advanced Calcium sulfonate complex thickener system, Molygraph SGH 400 5M grease is designed to perform in demanding applications and at extreme temperatures.


Since making the transition to Molygraph SGH 400 5M, grease, the company has realized several performance benefits, including a reduction in the operating temperature of the bearings from 194 ° F (90 C) to 158 ° F (70 C). They’ve also reported that the grease’s high viscosity index oil has helped reduce wear and corrosion, extending bearing life from 300,000 km to 450,000km, reducing replacement parts and labor by 25%. The company has improved operational efficiency by reducing lubricant consumption and preventing equipment failure, generating a company-estimated savings of US $500,000 over four years.

Savings of
500,000 USD
over 4 years

Bearing failures
reduced by 50%