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Nye Uniflor 4622R eliminates bearing failure and extends
relubrication intervals to 6 months on stentor chain bearings


An OEM supplier in Chennai was having problems lubricating the conveyor chain bearings in their paint shop application. The current grease used by them was a clay based non-melting grease with a synthetic base oil. With continuous operating temperatures on around 175 degree Celsius, the current grease used by them was not satisfactory. Problems of grease hardening because of the clay based thickener system was causing extreme wear in the bearings. The grease itself was becoming black and there were regular bearing failures.


Molygraph studied the application and realised that for continuous running at such elevated temperatures the only viable chemistry that can withstand such temperatures would a combination of PTFE thickener and PFPE base oil. This chemistry withstands continuous extreme temperatures and and is the the most thermally stable grease available today. Molygraph suggested Uniflor 4622R to solve the customer’s problems.


Uniflor 4622R was put in 20 bearings for trials and the entire trial was monitored for 6 months. The current grease used by the customer had issues with hardening, blackening and inadequate lubrication in around 3 weeks. Uniflor 4622R worked for 6 months without issue due to the superiority of the grease chemistry.

no grease
change for
6 months!

The best
grease chemistry
available today.