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Punch 4300S S evaporates 50% faster and eliminates further
cleaning process


A coil manufacturer was facing issues of slow evaporation of the current lubricant being used for fin forming operations. This resulted them in undergoing an additional step of cleaning the aluminum fins as any oil retention would cause water retention on the fins during air conditioner use and cause warranty issue. Their main objective was to to eliminate the cleaning process and increase productivity.


Looking at the process parameters Molygraph recommended Punch 4300S as a solution. Punch 4300S has been specifically formulated for light fin stamping operations. Due to an optimised flash point, the product evaporates quickly and leaves no residue on the fins after the annealing process. Punch 4300S is compatible with all refrigerants such as R-134 A, R410 A, and R-22 amongst others.


During trial is became immediately noticeable that Punch 4300S evaporated up to 50% faster than the current lubricant. The lubricity was excellent. No cleaning was necessary once the annealing process was over. Punch 4300S has been recommended for continuous use by the client.