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Punch 4300S SRI provides superior wetting & hydrophilicity
for Fin Forming & Copper Tube Bending


A major coil manufacturer in Gurgaon wanted to standardise one lubricant for both fin forming and copper tube bending. The fin stamping was light duty with 18-22 FPI. Copper tube bending required more lubricity. Using the same lubricant for both the processes caused problems related to hydrophilicity and improper lubrication. After looking at their processes Molygraph recommended Punch 4300S SRI which combines fast evaporation, excellent hydrophilicity and superior lubricity processes.


2 simultaneous trials were conducted for fin forming and copper tube bending. Machine Make - Burr Oak I FP-3 FPI - 18-22

Lubricity Performance

Performance for both, fin forming and tube bending was excellent.

Hydrophilicity Performance

PUNCH 4300S SRI is completely clean burning. After the annealing process no residue was detected on the fins and the tubes, providing a clean hydrophilic surface.


The greatest benefit for the customer was simplification of using one solution for two different process, greatly reducing inventory costs, increased performance and enhanced productivity

a single product
for two processes