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Punch 4300S SRI reduces lubricant consumption by 25% and quality
rejections by 10% for an aluminum food container manufacturer


An aluminum food container manufacturer was using IPA mixed with oil for stamping aluminum food containers. They were facing multiple issues related to smell, cracking around critical bends and safety of consumers due to incidental contact of the lubricant. They requested Molygraph for help in finding solutions.


Molygraph suggested Punch 4300S SRI for this application. Punch 4300S SRI has been approved by the FDA for incidental food contact. It is also highly lubricious and evaporates quickly after the stamping process is over, leaving a clean surface. The other critical part of the operation was the accurate forming of the bends in the container. No cracks were observed while using Punch 4300 S SRI and the operation went along smoothly. The lubricant application was changed to a spray system for optimised lubrication. This further improved rate of evaporation and substantially decreased lubricant consumption.


The goals and objectives of the customer had been met. Molygraph’s focus on productivity and performance has once again given tangible benefits to the customer