Molygraph: A One-Stop Solution for Excellent Lubricants

Since its inception, Molygraph Lubricants has been focussed on creating lubricant formulations that are a class apart. In the last 30 years, our expertise in working with various base oils, chemistries, and top-notch additives have helped us carve our mark among Industrial Lubricant manufacturers.

A Brief Note on Molygraph

The Molygraph family treasures a team of exceptionally proficient and adequately experienced professionals who put in substantial amounts of effort to deliver standard lubricants at a reasonable cost. The primary aim is to enhance productivity as well as efficiency through sustainable technological innovations. Starting from formulation to the final launch, thorough checks are constantly carried out to ensure optimum results.

Industries Served By Molygraph

With a core focus on speciality lubricants, Molygraph has developed market and application-specific products through the years and established a stronghold in a wide range of industrial domains namely General Engineering, Food & Pharmaceuticals, Metal forging, Stamping & Punching, Mining, Steel, Petrochemicals, Metalworking, and Automotive.

Products Offered By Molygraph

Multiple industries require us to create a versatile range of products to fulfil all the lubrication demands. Molygraph's products range from basic greases to especially customized lubricants custom made for targeted applications. Here is an overview of our range:


  • Lubricating greases and Anti-seize formulated with various chemistries like Lithium, Lithium Complex, Polyurea, Calcium Sulphonate, these products help bearings run not only at high temperatures and heavy loads but also protects them against wear, rust and corrosion. They are the best options for general maintenance as well as heavy-duty applications in the Steel and Mining industry.
  • Lubricating oils like gear oils and conveyor chain oils formulated with paraffinic oils, Polyalphaolefins, Esters and Polyglycols help reduce friction, heat and wear and prevent metal surfaces from rust, corrosion and contamination.
  • Graphol range of forging lubricants formulated as either dispersion of graphite in water and oil or synthetic polymers in water. These are extremely effective for a clean release with an excellent surface finish for forged components.
  • Smooth form and Punch range of punching oils also known as vanishing oils can effectively contribute to improvements in production capacities. This entire range also meets wetting properties, material compatibility, refrigerant compatibility, and are used in the manufacturing of HVAC units, Aluminum food containers and motor cores.
  • Food grade lubricants are essential for any food processing unit and Molygraph's Safol range of NSF and Halal Certified food grade greases and gear oils are Non-toxic and specially formulated with best-in-class additives.
  • Cleaners and Degreasers are essential in the maintenance of all machinery and to serve this purpose, our range of water and solvent-based products are extremely effective, whether it be light-duty or heavy-duty applications.

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