We are a diverse group of passionate researchers, scientists, technologists, engineers, and designers, dedicated to the future of oil and lubrication.

With deep expertise, a collaborative approach, and a commitment to innovation in the field of oil and lubrication, we constantly explore new products and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our legacy is built on the firm foundation of the Anand Engineers, which was laid in 1976 by Mr. Jayantilal Shah with a great entrepreneurial spirit. The name “Anand” was adopted from Swami Vivekanand, whose exemplary life continues to inspire and motivate all of us, even today.

Who we are

Molygraph Lubricants is a leader in the innovation, formulation, and manufacturer of super specialty lubricants. Our proven experience in product development and deep technical knowledge on the application side, allows us to add value to our customer's processes. Our customer profile ranges from Automotive OEM & first-tier suppliers, the world's largest steel & sponge plants, major hot forging/HVAC/metal forming manufacturers, prominent suppliers in the oil & gas industry as well as top-of-the-line manufacturers in various heavy and general engineering segments.

Who we are

Meet our leadership team

The leadership team comprises technical experts and thought leaders with the single-minded objective of helping our customers grow. Our team fosters an environment of innovation and continuous improvement, encouraging open communication and teamwork among all employees of the organization. Through their technical expertise, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment to customer success.

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Innovation, Research and Development

The Molygraph Lubricants innovation and technology center is where we develop the best products for our customers. The labs consist of analytical and tribological instruments in addition to standard ASTM test rigs. Our R&D team works in close collaboration with our customers to ensure an optimal solution for their products. This approach has helped us to achieve success across industries and create a unique portfolio of products.










Our Clients

Our customers success forms the core of what we do.


We are a global leader in the speciality lubricants industry, offering tailored solutions and exceptional service to our customers.

Contact sales@molygraph.com and our local representative shall connect with you soon.

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Anand Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Plot no. 66, MIDC, Road No 13, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093. India

T: +91 8104409925

E: sales@molygraph.com