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Consumers are highly vocal about their opinions on the foods they purchase. With easy access to social media and search engineplatforms, judgement on your product’s performance is just a review away.One bad review can stand out among ten favourable opinions.

However, consumers do possess the right to expect safe and high-quality food. So, the government and other bodies, including the consumers, play a role in ensuring that the food manufactured meets premium standards. Meanwhile, the food industry is accountable towards managing food processing and packaging with stringent control, safety and hygiene regulations.

Companies responsible for manufacturing products for consumption need to maintain quality standards with their food-manufacturing equipment.

Molygraph’s SAFOL range of products follows stringent tests and requirements which approve them as NSF and Halal certified food-grade lubricants.We manufacture lubricant products formulated to protect food processing equipment. The SAFOL products used across industries include Beverage, Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Bakery, Animal Feed and Pharmaceutical products.

The SAFOL formulation is from synthetic base oils, food compatible thickeners, excellent oxidation, and antiwear and extreme pressure additives. These ingredients improve the efficiency and life of the equipment like bearings, conveyors, chains and gears.

Lubricant products that enhance productivity

The SAFOL range of gear oils and general lubrication oils attribute the smooth functioning of food industry equipment. A few instances would be – conveyor chains, large and small gears, or punching of aluminium food containers.

The lubricants prevent issues like residue build-up, friction, and corrosion, among other challenges. Also, lubrication is conducted with low evaporation at high temperatures to enhance chain life.

There are mainly three applications developed on the following properties.

  1. Bearings, Sliding Surfaces & Centralized Lubrication
    • Excellent shear stability
    • Reduces friction and wear
    • Enhanced performance at high and low temperatures
    • Guards against rust and corrosion
    • Operating temperature range: -30 °C to +180 °C
  2. Gear Oil Series
    • Colourless, odourless, inert, and non-toxic
    • Formulated from synthetic hydrocarbons
    • Reduces friction and wear
  3. High-Temperature Chain Oil
    • Formulated from synthetic oil
    • Maintains chain cleanliness
    • Preserves long service life of chains
    • Reduces residue formation
    • Performs under extreme pressure
  4. Lubrication Of Stop Cocks & Valve Seals
    • Resistant to hot & cold water
    • Strong Adhesive Sealant
    • Does not affect plastic & rubber parts
    • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +260 °C
    • Non-Toxic

Combat malfunctions

Smooth equipment functioning span a range of lubrication roadblocks. We bring solutions to major and minor problems.

Multifunctional greases

There is a multitude of conditions and factors in industrial applications that pose a challenge to uninterrupted lubrication. These are wide temperature ranges, water ingress, high loads, humidity and other extreme conditions. Therefore, Molygraph designs a range of multifunctional greases to withstand these challenges.

 Silicone compound

Silicon grease provides lubrication of hot and cold water taps. These are especially suitable to drinking water taps where the tap grease is neutral in taste and odour. It is physiologically inert towards elastomers, resistant to hot and cold water, and steam.

Every client’s review matters

Let’s find your clients on the positive side of product satisfaction.An extensive and thorough understanding of your food or pharmaceutical business becomes our sole responsibility.Molygraph believes in ensuring maximum safety and paramount quality for its customers’ industrial products. We promise to meet global standards, create customized solutions, and deliver unparalleled service through the products we develop.

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