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HVAC fin press stamping and copper tube bending applications require specialized oils for boundary lubrication and easy cleanability. HVAC OEM manufacturers are today using the Smoothform range of products from Molygraph Lubricants for hassle-free production efficiency as well as keeping the focus on what they do best. Keeping temperatures in control!

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Molygraph SMOOTHFORM® 4700 S(K) reduces scrap generation by 66%, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Core Products

Smoothform 4800 S(K) Premium
Smoothform 4800 S(K) Premium

Superior grade fin press oil.

Smoothform 4600 S(K) F
Smoothform 4600 S(K) F

High-performance punching oil.

Smoothform 1500
Smoothform 1500

Water soluble oil for motor core stamping.


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